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Not the prettiest because like I`m just venting and I`m legit

Not the prettiest because like I`m just venting and I`m legit scared LOL 
-- Kay guys. --  

So i start school in like 2 weeks; 
Im scared because it's higschool can you guys heelp mee? Like. tell me if its bad or not? LOL I Swear imma make all guy friends and some girls.. Its gonna be awkward. imma be there all  'Kay. Hii guuys waaassupp!" 

They'll be all ' What the f/ck Do you want?' 
I'll be all ' Leees be bff's kay? '

But im going into grade 10 so im a freshmen. Imma get lost as he||

Kaybye. Someone help mee?  


jessx1223xgal 7 years ago
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Hey girl, it's really not as bad as people make it out to be. I'm gonna be a sophmore, so I was just as scared as you were. I honestly stressed myself out way more than I should have. You're most likely gonna get lost a lot the first week or so, but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze. You're gonna do just fine! I promise! All you gotta do is stick to yourself, and stay out of the way. What I did was as sooon as I saw people I knew, I kinda stuck by them for whatever class I was in, and I would ask all the people I knew what lunch period they had until I found someone who had the same as mine. I advise you to do that too so that you don't walk in there and feel alone or have no one to sit with. Good luck girl, I promise you're gonna do good!
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ukfangirl 7 years ago
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i just started freshman year 2 weeks ago and i love it. its not as easy to get lost as you would thing just travel in packs and follow the sophmores. im sorry but if there arent gonna be a TON of new people at your school you porbably wont make as many guy friends as you think bc they tend to stay pretty gender specific(at least they do here) the teachers arent as mean as you would think but if youre gonna play a sport and theyre your coach youre gonna be a favorite definately. and dont mess with the seniors and juniors freshmen just bug them and they will make your life a licing he11 for the rest of the year or semester if they want to.
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