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One in a Million *Chapter One Hundred & Eight; Part Two*

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Eight; Part Two*
Amber's POV:

       "I don't know," I crossed my arms and stared at him; his eyes shined in the moon light as his eyes stayed glued to the road. He was so beautiful and loving and all I could ask for. I really did have the most amazing husband in the world and I needed to appreciate that more; Niall's face flashed through my mind, but I shook the thought before it festered. "I guess I'm just having one of those days."
   When we got back to the house, Liam tucked Lilli away in bed, telling her that Santa Clause would only come if she was sleeping. My parents said they would put out her presents for us; I wish I could thank my Mom in a better way, but I just hugged her tight and told her I loved her with all of my heart.
   "I love you too, Sweetheart." As soon as I let her go, my Daddy came walking into the office area carrying a few boxes to leave under the tree. Once he set them down on the floor, I jumped at the chance to hold him. He craned his neck down and kissed my head; I knew I'd always be his little girl. I missed the life I used to live here.
   I slipped into my black sweats and a white top and snuggled up in bed next to Liam. I texted all the boys, the girls from the studio, and close friends 'Merry Christmas Eve! Hope you're having a great night! God Bless :)xx -Amber' and got a response from a few of them.
   'Same to you! Can't wait to see you again! -Gill' Reading her message made me sick; I didn't want to think about how I hurt her. Liam's hand started to burn around my waist as I thought about Niall's lips.
   'Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Eve to you guys too! :)xx -Lou & El'
   'Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! Love you all so much! <33 xx -Jess, Jesse, Anneliese, & Audrey' And the final text made my head burn and my stomach flop around.
   'Merry Christmas, Love. Tell everyone I said Merry Christmas too. Tell Lilli I love her. Love you too <3 -Niall xx' Liam read all the messages over my shoulder, but didn't take anything the wrong way. I never wanted him to find out about anything, but it still hurt me that I did it.
   It was a long night and I probably got a total of three hours of sleep. I slipped into a dream and woke up in a panic, trying not to wake Liam up. Slowly, I slid out of bed as quietly as I could and tossed my hair up in a bun. I dug my boots and glasses out of my suit case and put them on. I also grabbed Liam's Nike hoodie that was hanging on the door knob; the car keys laying in the pocket. It was sort of warm in the room, so I left the door cracked for him.
   "Lilli? Wake up, Angel. Mommy and you have to go somewhere." 

Thanks for reading, Loves! Oh geez, where is she going with Lilli? What do you guys want to happen? Leave me a comment and give me some ideas! You never know; I could use it! :)xx

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Oh emmm geeee. I marry Jesse and we have perfect babies ?!?!
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