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Fallen In Love♥ Prolouge ~~~ I buried my face into my

Fallen In Love

I buried my face into my pillow. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My mom told me that we're moving to California. Dad found a better job there. We're leaving tomorrow. I don't want to leave my best friend Abbie. We were friends since first grade. I slowly got up and sat on my bed. I wiped the tears off with my sleeve. My mom knocked on my door. She let herself in. "Kaitlyn, are you okay?" I could tell she was concerned about me. "No, I'm not." I sighed. "You'll make plenty of friends in your new school." She slightly smiled. "But I'll never find anyone like Abbie." I slightly raised my voice. She sighed. "Pack your things into these boxes." She gave me a few big ones. She left the room. I grabbed my clothes and put them into the boxes. I put a lot of items in my room into the boxes. I placed the last thing into there which was a photo of me and Abbie. I looked around at my empty room. All that was left was my furniture. The walls were bare. I wish my dad could just find a job here. But not all dreams come true.
Hey guys c: How go you like it so far? Comment. Feedback would be appreciated. Let me know if you wanna be notified :)


PurplePanda591 1 decade ago
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Yeah, I agree. Keep me updated as well. But I want to know so much more, now. WRITE FASTER!
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KortniJoe 1 decade ago
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It's Great.! Make Sure You Keep Me Updated,When You Add On.!
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