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TheDevilMurderedMe. Chapter Twenty-Five Part Two. Davin's


Chapter Twenty-Five Part Two.

Davin's P.O.V.

I waited for my life to be ended, I waited to hear or feel something attack me. But nothing happened. I turned my head, and standing in the door way was my dad. "Dad?" I squeaked. "H-h-how did you find me?" I stuttered, still scared. "I'm not sure." He nodded, looking around. I smiled up at him, jumping out of bed and running towards him. He caught me in his arms and I hugged him for a good two or so minutes before I finally let go and landed back on my feet. I ran to the bed and grabbed Bailey. My dad let out a little giggle at my try at a diaper. "I didn't have anything else." I said, defending myself. "Maybe we should fix that, we can walk and find a store. She's going to need diapers, and clothes.. and food of course." He smiled again, taking Bailey out of my arms. "Good effort though!" He beamed. I started to feel woozy and sat down. "Dad, I need to warn you about something. This place is VERY dangerous. You wouldn't believe what I have been through. I can't find Hadie, the last time I seen her she was dead. I found Bailey about 5 or so hours ago, on top of a dead animal covered in blood. Anywhere you go, is destined for bad luck. We have to be VERY careful. And by that I mean, we have to find somewhere close, and stop in almost every house. Not only because it's dangerous but they could have supplies that we need, plus I have a concussion. A hint of awestruck crossed his face. "A concussion?" "I told you, this place is dangerous dad. Please understand what I am telling you. This ISN'T Heavon. This is like.. well this is like our own personal hell, but on earth." I walked towards the door, feeling naucous. I still walked though, I had to make it through this. He followed behind me, with Bailey in his arms.
We walked down a dirt road for a very long time, atleast two miles before we reached the first house. I took a long look around and cracked the front door open. "Hello?" I called out, but no one answered. "The coast is clear." I shuffled inside with Dad on my heels. "What happened to you, Dad?" I asked him. "What do you mean?" "How did you... end up here." "Tabitha came into the house, she had been shot right in her right lung. She was falling in and out of conciousness and I wanted to be the one in the ambulance with her. I can't remember much, but I do remember the sound of the tires resisting against the concrete, and seeing blackness." "Shot? What happened to her!?" "We never found out. Well.. atleast I didn't." He looked sad. I hugged him. "Well you have me, and Bailey." "One more thing I forgot to ask you, what do you mean by the last time you saw Hadie she was dead?" "She had a huge hole in her chest the last time I seen her.. It was horrible." I knew I seen a tear make it's way down his cheek, but it didn't get too far before he caught it and looked away. Hadie was Daddy's little girl. I turned around, and started walking through the gigantic room, through another door way. The bathroom. I shuffled through the cabnets but found nothing but pills, which i figured i could get later at a store. I walked out and to the next door. The kitchen. I practically sprinted to the refridgerator. I opened it but only one thing was on the shelf. A plate of half eaten..whatever that was. I sighed and closed it, plopping down on a chair at the table. I looked over at my dad. "There's nothing here, I haven't eaten in days." "We will find someting." We were in too deep of a conversation to hear the footsteps until they approached the room we were in. I quieted my dad, and listened closely. I froze imediately. I knew those footsteps. I looked around for the nearest door, and spotted a back door on the far side of the kitchen. I grabbed my dads arm and stormed towards the door. I knew I had less than 10 seconds, depending on how big of steps were being taken. We got through the door and out into the yard when I heard a shuffling behind us. I ran as fast as I could, with my dad next to me. He handed me Bailey, and told me to keep running. I looked at him, and told him I wouldn't leave him. Bailey began to cry in my arms and I looked down, trying to comfort her. I turned my head back to look at my dad, and there was nothing. I looked around, to see my dad lying on the ground, with the same arrow that I had once been shot with, right in the back of his head.


Hey Guys. Please read (8-27-12) I am BACKKK!! I am going to update EVERYDAY whether it is one, two or three P.O.V.'S!! (: Like this chapter to continue to be notified!

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