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gmarie 7 years ago
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I looooove the story!!!! I hadn't read any of it before so I just read up to this chapter... Amber said to read it :) So anyway this story's absolutely adorable. Is Austin completely fictional or is he perhaps based off of someone you know?? Just curious. My "Austin" moved to the other side of the country and I haven't seen him or even talked to him in a few years... but idk if I'd still like him so much anyway... people change... ohh and btw do you notify?? cuz I like the story a lot :) If you do, please notify me!!!! keep writingggg!!!! I'll be looking out for the next chapter!!! Can't wait!!
- Grace <3
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MichelleKatherinex17 7 years ago
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YoungForever_723* 7 years ago
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Ohhhhemmmmgeee, love it :D <333
Lol, I have no life.
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