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One in a Million *Chapter One Hundred & Fifteen; Part One*

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Fifteen; Part One*
Amber's POV:

    It was now Febuary and I was doing much better. I still had a cast on, but it was plush and more comfortable than the hard cast. Today was very exciting for Lilli and I; we kicked the boys out of the house so Isabella and Mickey could come over for the day. While the girls played, I had some baby news to talk to Isabella about.
   I peaked my head in Lilli's room to see what she was doing. She had a grey, quarter-sleeved top on and she was hopping around her bedroom, trying to get into her new favorite pair of pink jeans. "Need some help, Angel?" The sound of my voice startled her and she tripped onto her bed.
   "Yeah, I do, Mommy." She laughed out, pushing her long, blonde hair out of her face; her fingers glided over the scar on her forehead. I helpd her into her jeans that Louis had gotten her for Christmas. I even picked out a pair of heart earrings for her to wear; my Mom had gotten her them for Christmas, along with millions of other things that now laid on her bedroom floor.
   "Mommy's going to go get dressed now." I looked down at my pajamas and smirked. "Go put on a movie and I'll let you know when Mickey is on her way over, okay?" She squealed with joy and ran off to the living room to do as I told her. I heard the Lion King song roar through my flat and I just giggled to myself.
   My arm was feeling much better and I decided to try to french braid my hair; it turned out to be a success and I was quite proud of myself. I dusted on some make-up and played around with my Urban Decay palette that Jess got me for Christmas. I pulled on some loose fitting, blue jeans and a burgundy TOMS top. To compliment my lazy look, I kept my glasses on; I didn't care enough to put my contacts in today.
   I slid my wedding ring on, along with a yellow bracelet that said 'I <3 Liam' on it. I seemed to have tons of these braceletes like that one now. As I stuck in my earrings, I heard my phone vibrate on the bathroom counter.
   'Hi Amber! Mickey and I are leaving the flat now! Be over in about 10 mins! See you soon! -Isabella xx' I ran out to tell Lilli and she screamed at the top of her lungs, and started to run around.
   "Calm down, Lilli-Bear. I swear you get your energy from your father." I rolled my eyes and walked out to watch the Lion King with her. It was roughly ten minutes later when I heard a little fist pound on my front door and within seconds, Lilli was running to open the door for her. "Lilli, wait!" I hated letting her answer the door, even if I knew who we were expecting.
   "Hi Mickey!" Lilli embraced her in a hug as I invited them in. I gave Isabella quick hug and then crouched down to see Mickey eye to eye.
   "Hi pretty lady! Have a nice weekend with your daddy?" Her beautiful, brown eyes smiled up at me; she had Owen's rosey cheeks that made her eyes squint when she smiled. I admired her vibrant, red jeans and white top. Her wavy hair swayed around her face as she twisted her body back and forth, itching to go play with Lilli.
   "Great! I had lots of fun with, Daddy!" Lilli grabbed ahold of her hand and their fingers intertwined.
   "Come on, Mickey! Let's go play with my dolls!" They ran off, hand in hand, to Lilli's room; I was glad that Lilli had a best friend like Mickey. They reminded me of how Jess and I were as kids. I stood up to meet Isabella's gaze and hugged her one more time.
   "How have you been? With everything I mean?" She slippd off her pea coat and hung it by the door; her floral combat boots were also left by the door. She was wearing a grey top and an off champagne color. We trotted over to the sofa, the Lion King still going strong, and plopped down on the soft cushions. Her mahoghany color curls bounced as she adjusted herself on the sofa; she must've styled it today.
   "I'm just grand, thanks. Everything is perfect!" I smiled down at my stomach and tapped my fingers on my small bump, trying to tease her until she broke.
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