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One in a Million *Chapter One Hundred & Fifteen; Part Two*

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Fifteen; Part Two*
Amber's POV:

   "Oh my gosh, just tell me now before I explode!" Her finger nails gripped my wrists and her feathered earrings dangled at her chin. Her eyes widdened behind her glasses and I just laugehd. "This isn't funny! I might just die!"
   "Okay, okay. I'll tell you." I took a deep breath and slapped on my serious face. "I'm expecting triplets. All boys." Her hazel eyes twitched as the thought ricocheted around in her head. My lips started to curl up, and I couldn't control my laughter anymore.
   "I hate you so much." She playfully hit me as I almost fell off the sofa; I could never control myself when I made jokes. "But seriously, you need to tell me. Like now would be a great time."
   "Okay, I'm being serious now." I looked into her eyes and told her what I wantd everyone to know. "The baby's a little girl." She started to freak out and she swallowed me into her arms.
   "I am so happy for you guys! Have you picked out any names yet?"
   "Yeah," I answered, sheepishly.
   "Well tell me!" I was set on a name, but didn't know if anyone was going to like it. I told Niall my ideas on the plane and he loved them. Liam was in love with her name, too. But I wasn't too sure about the rest of the world. She poked my face and pulled me out of my thoughts.
   "Well you know how I was in a coma for a few days when I went to America?" She nodded, staying silent so she could see where I was going with this. I told her about my encounter with my family that had passed away, and I nearly made her cry. I told her about how the nurse said how insane it was that I didn't miscarry because of the accident.
   "I'm sorry, but where is this going?" Her face rested in her hand as she leaned in to try and listen harder for the point I was trying to make.
   "She's my miracle baby that Ryan sent to us." I rubbed my stomach and smiled down at her; she ment the world to me. "So I decided to name her Miracle Ryan Payne." Isabella's face lit up at the sound.
   "I love it! That is such a beautiful name!" I was glad someone else liked it too. I was so excited to tell everyone else her name. I was so excited for everyone to meet her. I was excited to meet her. My little Miracle.

Thanks for reading, Love! Yay! Been waiting for this chapter, haven't you? Sorry it took so long! Hope you like it, though! Give me some feedback? Shoutout to bowtiesandfezzes who is Isabella in the story! Go read her story and tell her how flacking fabuLOUIS it is! Oh, and spam her with #teamlilliandmickeyrevolution2012!! Oh, and I have this best friend, right? Her name is jessx1223xgal and she's writing the cutest story ever! Please be a doll and go read it for me? And leave her some nice feedback; it'll make her night! :)xx

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cmayl11 9 years ago
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Omg! Amber! (that is your name, right?)
Im jelly of your story!!
I kind of decided to sort of a little bit end mine a little like an event that happened in yours.. Is that ok?
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