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A 1D Fanfic? (part 4) *Meant for jokes* "tia, you have

A 1D Fanfic? (part 4) 
*Meant for jokes*
"tia, you have company!! i screamed from the living room. it was some old dude.. maybe her grandpa or sumthing... i don;t no. tia came inside from the bak porch and stopped ded in her traks. "daddy.. whut are yew doing here." asked she with a worried look on her face. "i heard about harold or whoever the hell this guy is being you're boyfriend. i told you i wunted you to get my permison first. this kid is gunna regret makin me mad. i'll cut off his goldielocks and sell them to make wigs and burn all his blazers. teach him to mess with my daughter." he sounded like a hillbilly. it was a tad bit creepy... "dad, you;re not going to do anything. I LOVE HIM!' tia yelled just as haz walked in being his normal cheeky chappy, winking every five second lad. "is that him?" asked he pointing to harold. tia shook her head a tad bit and haz got a scared look on his face. "sir, i was going to ask permission but she said screw it? i'm sorry sir." harry said trying to sound kind of manly but it was failing.. he was scared and he was showing it. "harry, can we have a minute?" tia asked him in a shaky voice. "yeah tia." he said before hugging her. harry then went outside. "you didnt ask before you dated him and everything! i'm going to shoot him and burry him in the backyard!" tia's dad said. "you can't!" tia yelled. "how so?" tias dad asked. "because you live in an apartment building.. you don't have a backyard.. you have a community garden." tia said. "you're right tia... just next time ask me before you go date some guy! i guess i'll be on my way now.. love you hun! BYE HARRY! HAVE FUN YOU TWO!" he said before walking out of the house.. Everyone stood there in shock and was kind of looking at tia. "the he** tia? is your dad physco or some shizz? lousi asked her. "don't have that reaction to my family!" tia said. then she ran upstairs to get hazza. "I thought harry was outside.. should we tell her? zayn whispered to niall. he shook his head no. "HAHAHA!" i screamed for no apparent reason. then tia and harry returned. "her dad is a cup of crazy with a side of insanity!!!' harry said plopping down on the couch next to tia. "just like her..." i asked. "don't sass my girlfriend!!" harry yelled.
"ill sass your girlfriend whenever i wunt too and you can't stop meh!!!"
"PEPPERMINTS!!" louis screamed running into the living room and tripping over air with a bag of peppermints in his hands; they went flying everywhere. there was just something about lou and peppermints that i just loved so much and we just met three days ago.. this relationship is going to last for forever!!!! muwahwahwahahahahaha!!!

A/n** Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it! more up soon, 5 likes for the next chapter xx 

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