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I know this is early but idk if ill be able to get on sunday

I know this is early but idk if ill be able to get on sunday so im doing this now. 

Happy Birthday Dylin <3
Your 17 years old, Born on September 2nd! Black Hair and Brown eyes ! xD Your one of the strongest people ive met, you've been through so much since the day you were born. I'm so glad you stayed around or i wouldnt have you as a best friend. Im Glad we met in 7th grade actually on your birthday too ! It's been 5 years. You dont know how much i care about you, and how proud i am of you. You are gonna go so far in life, just dont forget me <3 I know we havent really seen much of each other this summer but thats because we are both growing up, we both have jobs and so much going on, but just always remember you are one of my best friends! forever and always ! I cant wait to see you tuesday on the first day of school !<3 im gonna have a present for you ! I just cant believe everything you've went through growing up .. im glad i stopped you so many times from suicide, i couldnt picture you not being here. It wouldnt be the same. I dont want to go into school finding out my best friend killed himself. Your a amazing friend and i know i can come to you when i need you.
Smile Dylin you deserve too.  I Hope you have a amazing birthday on Sunday <3 
Love  you,
xoxo Your Best  Friend <3 

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