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One in a Million *Chapter One Hundred & Sixteen; Part One*

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Sixteen; Part One*
Liam's POV:
~Three Months In~

    It was now Valentine's Day, and things were going pretty good. I sat on the sofa watching Forrest Gump in a dress top and pants. Lilli sat next to me in a big, pink dress; her blonde curls bounced as she squirmed around, impatient. "Do you mind, Lilli-Bear?" I shot her a twitching eye and she made a face at me.
   "I'm bored, Daddy. When are we leaving?" She whined, and her blue eyes begged to get out of the flat. We were going to a wedding today. Grace and Finn were finally tying the knot after three amazing years of dating. We were very happy for them, and wished them the very best. Lilli was their flower girl and I know for a fact, Lilli was way more excited than anyone.
   "I know, Angel. As soon as Mommy is done, we're leaving. I'm sure she'll be out in a few minutes." I flicked a loose curl off of her shoulder and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on the side of her face. We sat on the sofa for another fifteen minutes before I got a text from Amber.
   'Can you come into the bedroom? I don't want Lilli to follow you, though. -Amber xx' I excused myself and left Lilli in the living room; she was too into the movie to even notice I was gone. Slowly, I walked to our bedroom to find Amber sitting on the bed. 
   She looked stunning, as usual. The top part of her dress was pink and it hung on her shoulders perfectly, exposing them just enough. From the waist down, it was navy blue and hugged her curves. Her small baby bump peaked out of the dress; her hand rested on top of it. Loose curls framed her face that looked down at our Miracle.
   "Is everything alright, Babe?" I shut the door behind me and stood in front of her. A pair of sad, blue eyes looked up at me and she shook her head. "What's wrong then?" I quickly sat down next to her, throwing my arms over her shoulders. A single tear fell from her eye and cut a line through her make-up.

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