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moments-One Direction Authors Note-Chapter 20.3 god it's

moments-One Direction
Authors Note-Chapter 20.3 god it's been so long, I'm sorry! I'm back now and as promised, Barry, Bamy, Ffouis and Dayn... xxK

 He turned around to finish off taking his shirt off and I saw my chance. I kicked him hard in the back, sending him sprawling over the floor. His nose hit a chair with a sickening crack. He got up slowly and menacingly, his nose crooked and covered in blood. Acting quickly, I grabbed my bag and grabbed my handy hairbrush. He rushed at me again and it hit him with the hairbrush and for good measure the bag as well. Alex moaned as the pointed spikes collided with his skin. He attempted to drag me, and mustering all my strength I kicked him again in the chest. Hard. My heeled boots pressed him down and as he fell the back of his head collided with bthe floor with a sickening crunch.
Grabbing my bag, I ran out and slammed the door, locking it from the outside with my key. My hands were shaking and I dropped down to my knees. I went to call Bec, my usual emergency-person but got her answering machine. Something was wrong, Bec ALWAYS answered her phone.
Harry tugged the butterfly clips out of his curly mane and smiled at Bec who bwas attempting to help him.Suddenly, he heard his own voice coming from Bec's bag. "If only you saw what i can see, you'd understamd why i want you so desperatley." He grinned at Bec. "I'm your ringtone?" she blushed bright red and nodded. "Who is it?" He asked. "It's Kathy, I should probably..." but Harry stopped her with a kiss and the phone was left vibrating on the bench top.
Bec refused to pick up and even though I tried the other girls no-one picked up.Phoebe and Dianna never had their phone's turned on and even if Amy ahd hers it probably wasn't charged. Anyway, they were on a triple date with BooBoo and Liam was out with danielle which left only one person. I swallowed and winced as I heard a bangh from inside the hotel room and an animal yell. Alex was waking up....
The police dragged him out of the room kicking and fighting. They questioned me and I told them all I could and then took him away. Niall got there straight away. As soon as he arrived, I broke down into frightened tears, i could hear alex roaring in the room. It was niall that called the poloice and told them all he could get out of me. He gave me a hoodie and found some hot chocolate and sat with me while we waited for the police to leave.
"Come onm, let's get you home," he finally said, helping me up. I leaned on him gratefully and he led me out the back into a van. "You're safe now, I promise. You're safe, I'm here," he whispered comfortingly into my ear the whole car journey.
the first thing I was confronted with was Zayn and dianna making out on the couch when we walked in. Evidently they'd made up. Niall sat me down and I just sat there in shocked silence. He pulled amy and BooBoo out of the bedroom and found Phoebe and Louis kissing in the kitchen. Finally Harry and Bec xcame up hand in hand and Niall explained my terrifying night.

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