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moments-One Direction Authors Note-Chapter 21 well, bec fixed

moments-One Direction
Authors Note-Chapter 21 well, bec fixed my caculator so she gets Barry cos she threatenedmewxxK

 After Niall had finished explaining the others sat there shocked. Niall then said that Karen was down at the station and obviously Alex would no longer be our teacher. ""That explains it!" Dianna exclaomed. we all looked at her expectantly. "It explains why you got full marks on that maths test. I remeber after you  ssaid thaat you got 18 for question 20 and i was sure it was 15. and he marked it right on mine....." Everyone laughed including me. Bec grinned "trust you dianna!" Harry grabbed her round the waist and pecked her on the cheek. All the couples then siultaneously began making out. Niall and I rolled our  eyes at eachother. Harry broke away from Bec and cried "lets go to nando's!"
it was about two in the morning when we got to nandos and as soon as i sat down on the synthetic seats i felt exaughsted. Through my drooping eyelids i could just make out bec and harry sharing a chicken burger. I could feel myslef slowly driftying off when someone handed me a frozen yoghurt. I looked up at Niall who sat down next to me. "Thankyou. For rescuing me," I said shyly, feeling my face going red as i thought of the embarrasing crying. "It's fine. He was........i needed to know you were safe." 
"God i'm tired." I leant back on the chair. Suddenly a heap of flashing lights were in my face. I felt microphones under me, asking me questions about alex. i didn't know what to do, it felt like i was drowning. Niall grabbed harry and I and we ran out into a van. "Go to sleep, Youve had a big day," Niall instructed and i felt myself drift off on his shoulder. 

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