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Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe there really is a higher power. It's

Perhaps I am wrong.
Maybe there really is a higher power.
It's not like any of us really know for sure.
But I wouldn't really care if I'm wrong.
And I'm not going to believe "just in case"
Besides, which religion am I supposed to choose?
Which one is the "right" one?
I personally believe that being an atheist is the best choice for me.
Besides, I don't think that any creature would ever possibly let anyone burn in hell for the rest of eternity, no matter how bad their wrongdoing. I don't think anything is that coldhearted.

I find it more comforting for me to not believe in anything. 
I just find it to be better.
Not to be "rebellious" or because I "hate God" (whom I do not even believe it)
 I just find this to be the most reasonable choice. 


blankwolf* 1 decade ago
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I'm religious, and I agree with you.
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XxXxPerfectlyImperfectXxXx 1 decade ago
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i agreeee mostly. i believe theres something out there after death, but i dont know if its the god the everyone prays to. and who am i to say whos right? how am i supposed to choose? i dont believen the bible, but i like to belive theres something after death.
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charlieisnotaunicorn 1 decade ago
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I agree 100%.
I don't hate religious people, but I think the most logical choice is to believe that we have no way of knowing if there is a God or not. I'm Agnostic. So I choose not to believe that there's a big bearded man sitting in the clouds watching over me.
Let alone, the fact that the bible is extremely sexist, and says that it's morally right to kill your neighbor if he works on a Sunday.
Besides, it's seems kind of cruel that God would doom me to eternity in Hell because i was raised to have different beliefs.
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