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~1D Fanfic Parts~ ALL PARTS ARE CASTED!!! ***Sorry if you didn't

~1D Fanfic Parts~

***Sorry if you didn't get the part you wanted...I just got so many comments, and only so many parts :c BUT! I will be writing more fanfics in the future, so don't lose hope!***


Harry's crush/love: Beth~ likeyerh
Niall's gf: Duranka~ LambExohiko
Niall's ex gf: Kari~ JustAn0therGirl
Zayn's gf: Julietta~ ThisRandomGirl
Zayn's ex gf: Ellie~ RainbowDinosuarPoop
Liam's ex gf: Sophie~ BrainySmurf123
Louis' gf: Kate~ 1DPrincess143
Louis' ex gf: Justine~ VioletSunshine

***If parts are taken and you still want to be in the story, just comment who you want to be with, and I'll try to fit you in as a best friend of something. I'll TRY.***


RainbowDinosuarPoop 1 decade ago
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Boo_Bear 1 decade ago
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Almost forgot I model a little and I'm 17
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Boo_Bear 1 decade ago
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Hits I'm Kendall and would be extatic if j could be placed in with zayne somewhere! Like a best friend I'm 5'6 with long dark hair Im a slightly sarcastic girl with long dark hair and hazel eyes that turn green (you can look at my profile pic for more) im scurvy I guess. I play sports mostly soccer and lacrosse. And even though my profile makes me look pale I'm tannish I love one direction and I'm kinda laid back and at the same time out of control like zayne is. I'm friends with the biggest idiots in the world and love them to death. I'm always the one to do volunteer to go first when others wont sou guess I'm courageous (: welllllll yeah that about all I can think of right now and even if I don't get in I hope I do though can I get notified for it
well have a nice night / day
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loser_like_me 1 decade ago
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could i be a friend of Louis or Harry or anybody? haha my names bailey. I'm really crazy. when i go out in public i tend to be really obnoxious but i don't care. i just like to have fun. I'm a little on the short side 5'3 and a junior. all my friends lean on me for advice or just for a laugh when they are feeling down. i have brown hair with beachy waves and dark brown eyes. i like to stay out of drama but i somehow always get dragged into it. idk what else to sayy so thanks for writing this story! so excited to read it! (:
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DeAnnaYoung 1 decade ago
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Hey can I be one of Louis ffriends cause I pretty much act just like him. My user name is my name and i'm about 5'3 I have tan skin and blonde hair thats gradually turning brown with blue streaks in it and ice blue looking eyes and I'm overweight so I know that I probably wont get put in but my front tooth is chipped from a bike wreck I had when I was 8 and we dont have the money to fix it. I'm crazy sassy outgoing loud at times confident stubborn I love to sing and write I dont really get mad easily but when I do you better run for cover if you hurt my friends i will hurt you in a heartbeat I'm protective of the people I love and I play clarinet in my schools all superior marching band
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PrettyRaveGirl 1 decade ago
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Hiya! I'd lvoe to be a friend of the band, no special part, unless you want me to be one xD
Name: Tony :3
I'm tall, 5'7, with tan skin and bleach blond hair, with green eyes. I have my front tooth chipped from a soccer incident.
I'm a pretty outgoing person. I'm loud, friendly, weird, stubborn, and very confident. I love soccer and I'm very hyper and active. Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. I love the water and ocean. I get mad easily, and am usually pretty laid back. I get into trouble a lot.
Thats it, thanks for your time!
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