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You think that suicide is the only option left for you? Wrong.

You think that suicide is the only option left for you? Wrong. Suicide is a permanent solution for temporary problems. The problems that you have now won't last forever. Why do you want to do it? Is it that you think nobody would care? That the world would be a better place without your presence? You are wrong. You never know who you were supposed to become. What if you were destined to grow up to be an inspirational person who helps millions? Don't throw away what could be. Are you thinking about anybody but yourself in this? Have you thought about your poor parents? They will be broken, forever. They will never be the same. They will blame themselves. They will wonder what they did wrong. They will hate themselves. They will carry the pain of your death with them wherever they go. Think about your friends. The ones who love you exactly the way you are. Think about the pain they will feel when they hear the news. They will collapse on the floor in tears. The tears will not stop, the tears will never stop. Do you want to do that to them? Everyone you ever talked to will die daily. They will be forced to bear the pain of knowing that they couldn't help you enough. The guilt will drive them to hate themselves. Just seeing your name somewhere will cause them to break down. Think about your classmates, the kids you have gone to school with since you were little. The kids you thought hated you? They will hate themselves instead. They will blame themselves. Maybe they shouldn't have picked on you, maybe they shouldn't have joked around with you. Were they the reason you decided to take your own life? The pain will be undying. The guilt will consume them alive. Your classmates won't be able to hold back the tears when they see your empty chair in the classroom. Do you really want to spread the pain your feeling into the hearts of anyone you've ever known? By killing yourself, you would be leaving everyone broken, hurting. Everybody you thought didn't care? They all care more than you can believe. What if you were someones reason for living? Now, they have no hope left, you destroyed them. Are you willing to do that to someone you care about? Are you willing to ruin their lives because you couldn't think of any other solution to your problems? The only answer is suicide? No. Suicide is contagious, you never know whose life you could be taking along with yours. Are you willing to risk someone else's life? Your friends, your family, your future family. Those siblings that copy your every move now, look up to you. Do you want them to follow you into the darkness? There are people out there fighting to keep their lives, don't waste yours.
There are other options, always.



Christopher Robin* 1 decade ago
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Thank you, this reminds me of a quote I made awhile ago. It's nice seeing that other people are out here to help other people, just with the sole intention to help.
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KeepTheMemoriesAndNeverForget 1 decade ago
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This is really the best quote I've read in a long time :)
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