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The Runaways Chapter 3 “Ok Breanna, we’re here,”

The Runaways

Chapter 3

“Ok Breanna, we’re here,” my mom told me, “You’re going to be staying here for the summer.” She pulled up to a campground about an hour away from any other civilization. We checked in at the ranger station and the ranger told me some of the basic rules about the campgrounds.

“The beach, the falls, and the cemetery all close at eight, If your under 18 you cant walk around camp after 10, quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Ok any questions?” The ranger rambled off.

“No I think I’m good,” I told her.

My mom walked me to campsite 35 where I’d be staying.

“Hey there camper, my names Mary Alice, but you can just call me Alice. What’s your name?” A girl who looked to be in her 20s asked me. I was guessing she was a counselor here. She was an average pretty. She was tan, with brown hair and golden eyes, about 5’4.

“Oh I’m Bree.”

“Ok you’ll be staying in that blue tent right there. Your tent mate is Alison, she’s already in there.

I turned to my mom. “Ok Mom you can go now. I just need my stuff from the car.”


 Teaser: “Hey what’s your name?” HE said with a smile, and then sat down next to me.

“Oh I’m Bree,” I said trying to look confident and pretty.

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