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♡ Things Happen♡ Prologue Violet Camerin Smith is a normal

♡ Things Happen♡ 

Violet Camerin Smith is a normal 15-year old girl. Normal school work. Normal friends. Normal girl problems. Normal love life. At least, it was at the start. She thinks that she has met the perfect guy, but she never wants to tell him that she likes him, you know, like any other normal girl. But when her little brother spills the beans to 17-year old Tim Lissen, things start to get amazing for Violet. And everything seems to be going great until Tim's dad gets sick. Read my story to find out how Tim and Violet become closer than ever well Tim watches his father fight for his life and his family.


AN: This is my new story. My first story, actually. I have started it already and I will post the first chapter later on tonight. Follow me if you like it and want to keep reading. Fave it to let me know you like it. And please leave comments. Constructive comments are very helpful to me. I will do hints and reminders so comment if you want a reminder!! Thank you!! xx XD

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