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Remember Me. **Chapter 21** I sat in silence for a few minutes

Remember Me.

**Chapter 21** 

I sat in silence for a few minutes feeling guilty. Finally, I got up and told Jenni that I’d be back in a minute. I slowly creep down the hallway to go see my mom. I overhear a conversation between her and my father. “Maybe she needs to be sent away to my father’s” my dad suggests. My grandfather was a general in the war. He is very strict and doesn’t stand for any nonsense. I would never survive living with him. “Maybe staying with Ron would be good for her” my mother agrees. No, no, no, no, no, no! This cannot be happening. I run back to my room. “Jenni! Jenni! Jenni!” I cry. “What?” She asks with big eyes. “My parents want to send me to live with my grandpa Ron!!” I shriek. “That’s not good….” She says. “Yeah! Its not good. My grandpa is terrible!” I explain everything about him to her. “Oh my god! That would be terrible!” She finally gets it. “Go talk them out of it!” She suggests. “No, I cant. They cant know that I was eavesdropping or I’ll be in more trouble.” I tell her. “That’s true.” She agrees. “So, what are you going to do?” She asks. “Pray they change their minds.” I whisper. “If they make me leave then you’ll have to move back to New York” I tell her. “I know. It sucks because I just got here.” I nod in agreement. Jenni and I both go to sleep.


I awake to my alarm. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. I wake up and walk downstairs. I pour myself a cup of coffee. Jenni does the same. Soon after my mother and father both come down too. “Dad, shouldn’t you be heading to work? Why are you in your robe?” I ask. My dad has to usually be at work by 5:30-6 o’clock. “I took the day off” He said. “I did too.” My mom says. “Why?” I ask curiously. “Just needed a day, okay?” She snaps. “Okay” I nod quietly. “Jenni, would you please go up to you two’s room? We need to talk to Sadie privately.” My dad asks politely. “Sure thing” Jenni agrees as she grabs her coffee and starts walking up the stairs. “What?” I ask once I cant see Jenni anymore. “Your mother and I have thought about this all night and we think it would be best for you if you went to live with your grandpa Ron for a while.” He states blankly. My mouth drops. “If it’s about the tattoo, I’m sorry!” I apologize. “It’s not about that.” They say. “The piercings? I’ll take them out.” I try to save myself. “Sweetie, it’s everything. The things you are doing to your body. The late nights. The boys. The attitude. Everything.” My mom explains. “Mom! I can fix everything. Just don’t make me go!” I plead. “Sweetie, I also found a lighter in your dirty laundry.” She states. I went silent. She knows I smoke. I’m ruined. And off to Grandpa Ron’s I go.

***UH OH… What’s going to happen? Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***

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