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Remember Me. **Chapter 22** I got dressed and went to school.

Remember Me.

**Chapter 22**

I got dressed and went to school. I made sure to wear a shirt that would show off my new tat. This is the last day I’m attending this school… I arrive. I tell Ashley as soon as I saw her. She actually started to cry a little. “You just got back to Michigan! Now you have to leave again!” She pleads. “And Jenni will have to go back to New York and I don’t have Henry so who will I have!? No one!” She cries. I felt so bad and I comforted her. Evan walks up to me. “Want to skip and have some fun?” He smirks. “No”, I say, “I’m leaving tomorrow morning so I just want to say bye to everyone”. I explain it all to him. He actually looked sad. I didn’t care that much though; I really just wanted to talk to Jack. I finally spot him at lunch time. I walk up to him and his friends. “Ooooo” all his friends moan to tease him. “Jack, can I talk to you privately please?” I ask nicely. “Nice tat.” He replies. He gets up and walks with me. “I’m moving” I blurt, wasting no time. “To where?” He actually seemed to care. “My grandpa Ron’s house in Montana.”
“My parents are kicking me out and Jenni will have to move back to NY”
“Kicking you out?” He questions.
“Yeah… they um.. found out I smoke. And my tat and piercings”
“Why are you telling me this? Shouldn’t you talk to Evan?”
“I did. I just wanted to tell you too, I guess. I don’t care about Evan”
“And you care about me?”

“Yeah…. Yeah, I do.” I speak softly.
“A little late”
“Yeah, I know. That’s my fault. Along with everything else”
“Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Its just your grandpa’s house”
“Jack- my grandpa Ron is veteran war general. My curfew will be 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I will have to wake up at 4 every morning. I will not be allowed to wear any bottoms shorter than knee-length no matter how hot the weather is. I will have no life. I will not be able to do anything. My life is over” I explain to him.
“It wont be that bad”
I laugh, “Yeah, sure..”
I finish out the school day and say goodbye to all my friends. I go home and Jenni and I are both packing. She’s packing for NY and I’m packing for Montana. My mother knocks on the open door. “I’m sorry it came to this” She says. “Yeah, me too.” I say. I finish packing and both of our plane tickets are ready. I cried myself to sleep.

***Poor Jack and Sadie. And Jenni. And Ashley. And Evan actually cared. Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***


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