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Remember Me. **Chapter 23** My alarm goes off at 7. I wake up

Remember Me.

**Chapter 23**

My alarm goes off at 7. I wake up to many texts from people saying goodbye. Including Jack. His text meant the most to me. It said: ‘goodbye, Sadie. Have a safe flight and let me know if its as bad as you thought. Even though I hate to admit it I will miss you. A lot. I wish we had a chance. But please. Always remember me’. I almost cried reading that. It might not seem like much but it was. Jenni and I are both at the airport. Our flights boarded at the same time. They called the flights. We hugged and said our goodbyes then turned and walked in complete opposite directions. I was afraid that Jenni would fall back into drugs in NY. Moving here, kept her away from it. I fell asleep on the flight. I awoke as we landed. I get my luggage and meet my grandpa Ron outside. I put all my bags in the car. “What is that in your nose?” He snaps. I took out all my piercings but managed to forget that one. “Oh, sorry sir.” I spoke while taking it out. “And what’d you do to your hair? Dip it in a paint bucket?” He mocks. “No sir. I will dye it back immediately.” “No. We’ll just cut the colored part off.” He suggests. “No!” I yell. He whips his head and glares at me. “What did you just say to me?” He yells. “No! You are not coming close to my hair with any scissors. I will fix it. SIR!” I snap. He shakes his head in disgust. We enter the house and he tells me my room is upstairs on the left. Then he hands me this piece of paper with messy chicken scratch on it. It was his handwriting. This was the paper…

House Rules

1.      Curfew: Wake up no later than 4 a.m. and stay out no later than 5 p.m.
2. Nothing above the knees. Shirts must cover stomach and at least short sleeves.
3. There will be no smoking of any kind in this household.
4. Must keep grades above a B+.
5. You do your own laundry.
6. No piercings, tattoos, or hair dyed absurd colors.
7. Must complete chores.
8. No cussing.
9. No talking back.
10. You may wear VERY LITTLE amounts of makeup


I was living in a h/ll hole. I carry my baggage to my room. “What is that? On your shoulder?” He questions. “My tattoo, sir” I tell him. “Your what?” “I already had it, sir” I pleaded. He walked away. I locked myself in the bathroom and dyed my hair to its natural color. I also cried. For hours.

***Well. That’s not pleasant. Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***

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