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Big City Dreams Chapter 8 Louis P.O.V When we were getting ready

Big City Dreams
Chapter 8

Louis P.O.V

When we were getting ready to leave Bri and Harry were kissing and she looked so happy! Rose asked what happenend and Bri said that Hazza had asked her out.  Rose was hugging Bri and said that she was happy for her.  I was happy too, my best friend and I have girlfriends and Rose and her bestfriends have boyfriends who are like sisters.  I needed to talk to Bri and all to find more about Rose, but I shoulkd be the loyal boyfriend who askes. You see she had some scars that are straight lines on her arms and always covered up with Band-AIDS. I needed to find out and the swaggmaster from donacasta will find out! Im just that good.

Bri's P.O.V

"I wanted to know bribear if you would go out with me?" Those are the words I have been waiting to hear from Harry Styles ever since I saw him on the X-Factor. I have been with them forever, and I can't beleive the love of my life had just said those words to me.  I was so happy. I had to tell Rose. She was always the first person to know everything. We tell each other everything even if it means hurting the other person but we get over it and we thank each other. I loved that about Rose and I's realtionship. I really did. So when were heading back, Liam, Niall and Zayn meet us at the car. I really loved them all. We just met in person but I feel I've known them since forever. They already act like my big brothers.  When we were heasding back in the car "Live While Were Young" came on and we all started dancing and singing. People on the road we stairing. They had to be jealous. Rose. Only Rose would scream out the car window "Let's get some" I laughed. She has a dirty mind but I mean who wouldn't haha but I still love her. I really do. When we got back it was around 6 o'clock. Rose told her Mom she and Bri and the guys are having a big sleepover. Her mom was fine with it. She trusted us to be good girls. When we got back to their house Rose screamed when she saw..............

to be countined

a/n hey sorry this is very overdue. Im so sorry. been busy stressed and alot has been going on. i will try to get more up. Hopefully this weekend. thanks guys please read I feel im losing readers.

thanks xxxxx



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