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I Love to Hate You Chapter 20 I was sad. I was upset. No, that

I Love to Hate You
Chapter 20
I was sad. I was upset. No, that was an understatement. I was devestated. 
I cannot believe Liam left me like that. I was finally honest with him, and it come back to bite me in the butt. Zayn walked out of his room and over to where I was sitting on the couch. I didn't tell him that I told Liam about us.
"Zayn, I need to tell you something." I said, deciding now was an okay time. 
"What's up?" he asked, putting his arm around me. 
"I told Liam about us. I needed to be honest with him, so I was. And guess what he did? He said he needed time and space, so he left." I said, tearing up. 
"Carly, everything's going to be alright. He's crazy if he doesn't want you." Zayn said, trying to cheer me up. Too bad it wasn't working. 
"Maybe I need time and space." I muttered to myself. 
"You should take a break. Go on vacation or something." he suggested. 
"You know, that's not a bad idea." I said, forming an idea in my head. 
"I'm going to visit my brother for a few days." I said, since he couldn't come visit me after all. I texted him and told him I was coming to the states for a few weeks. He replied fast, telling me he was excited. I went to my room and packed my clothes and electronics that I needed. Once I was packed, I walked out into the living room. I had my boarding ticket in hand and hugged Zayn goodbye. 
"I'll see you soon." I said, giving him one last hug and promising to call him at least twice while I was gone. I rolled my suitcase outside and put it in the back of the cab that was waiting for me. 
Going through the airport security and check in was easy, since I travel a lot. 
I got on the plane immediately after checking in. I popped in my headphones and listened to One Direction's album, because I needed to hear Liam's voice. There's only one reason why I was upset I was leaving England for a few weeks, and that is because I can't see Liam. Because whether I want to or not, I think I'm falling in love with him. If only I could tell him that. 
I woke up several hours later as the plane was landing. I was finally here. 
I walked off the plane and to the baggage claim, where I thought Chris would be waiting. He sent me a text message saying he was there, but when I looked for him, I couldn't find him. Maybe because I didn't remember what he looked like. 
"Carly?" I heard a man's voice call out. I turned around and saw him. 
"Chris?" I asked, my face breaking into a smile. I ran and jumped into his arms, so happy to finally be reunited with my brother. 
"I missed you so much!" he said, giving me a hug. 
"I missed you too! Wow, I can't believe it. You look so different!" I exclaimed, notiving the girl standing next to him. 
"Is this your fiance?" I asked, giving her a hug as well. 
"Yeah, this is Ashlee. Ashlee, this is my baby sister Carly." he said, introducing us. I was so happy to see my brother again, and I was glad that he was finally happy in life. He deserved it. I grabbed my suitcase and we walked outside. 
"So, are you excited for the next two weeks? We're going to have so much fun!" Ashlee said, clapping her hands together. She seemed excited to have me here, and I was excited to be here. 
We drove to Chris' hosue and I threw my suitcase on the bed in the guest room. 
"Hey, I have to go out for a little bit. Ashlee's here, if you wanna go get to know her." he said, turning his head to the living room. 
"Sure, see you later." I said, plugging my phone in before walking to the living room and sitting down near Ashlee. 
"It's so great to finally meet you." she said, smiling at me. 
"Same here. Okay, so you're the closest thing to a sister that I have. I need advice." I said, before I could stop myself. 
"Go fo it." she said, giving me her full attention. I told her the entire story about Liam and I, and the background info that went with it. She seemed to understand everything, and I asked her what I should do. 
"Well, it seems like you really love him. You should tell him." she said. 
"Yeah. I should." I said, agreeing with her. 
"Go call him. Or at least do something." she said. 
"Okay. Yeah, I'm going to call him." I said, walking to my room. I booted up my laptop quickly and googled Liam. Wait, what did that say? 
I pulled up a website that had a picture of Liam holding hands with some girl. 
Of course. Why did I think he loved me? He was obviously playing me. 
I clicked my phone off and shut my laptop. I can't do this. 
I don't even know if I can go back to England. Ever.
feedback? next chapter will be a few months in advance. this story should be done tomorrow, and hopefully I can start the new one tomorrow as well! get the word out, Live While We're Young! I will have a description out after this story is done(:

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