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One Direction Update 10/3/12 12:00 AM EDT Hey guys! Great day

One Direction Update
10/3/12 12:00 AM EDT
Hey guys! Great day today! If you didn't know Niall did a twitcam with his friend today. I know most US Directioners probably missed it so I'll put the link at the bottom. I was lucky enough to have a half day today so I saw it!

Louis is in Doncaster and was seen in Tesco with Eleanor. Liam was at Mahaki Club last night and Harrod's today.  Zayn was with family with his grandmother. Her surgery went well, Harry is still in California with Ed but is expected to be back to the UK Thursday. He might be at JB's concert! Niall's in London. He might do another twitcam with Zayn tomorrow so be on the lookout!

In Niall's twitcam he said that his knee wasn't doing too well and me might need surgery down the line.

Liam confirmed that he is not with Leona Lewis. He just went out for a drink with her.

Rumors: Harry is bi. Status: FALSE -_-

Quote of the day: "Dreams are like stars. You may never touch them but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny." ~Liam

Links: Niall's full twitcam:
Harry last night:
Harry and Ed last night: pic.twitter.com/HrCFOE1Z
Liam outside a club last night:
Liam in LA today: pic.twitter.com/C3bIMyxN
Apparent TMH tracklist: pic.twitter.com/CbBIGmk6

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tucktuck 7 years ago
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I heard that harry was bi when he was a teen. Idk if its true but my friend told me :)
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