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I'm so done every time i walk into a room, people stare

I'm so done 
every time i walk into a room,
people stare at me.
They see my
and they notice that i only have one leg.
But no one knows hows i got this.
i wish i wouldnt be judged.


butterflyescape 9 years ago
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my friend only has one leg and it was really hard, but people will look beyond your imperfections and everything will be fine eventually :) I promise <33
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J I L L I A N ; )* 9 years ago
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im here for you if you eed ssomeoe to talk to , but how did that happen to you? your beautiful love, stay srtrong<3
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1DWouldyouseeme 9 years ago
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If you need someone to talk to, you can say it to me if you need to. Remember that you're beautiul (: x
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