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Life is an art, not a science. There's no formula for figuring

Life is an art, not a science.
There's no formula for figuring out what you should do. Yeah, you have to experiment, but you don't have a nice little lab report with your purpose and procedure. There's no controlled variable, nothing is for sure. You figure out what you want your picture to end up looking like. You have to decide where to start, and put down the first brushstroke. At first, it's not gonna look like much. It's going to take you a long time to believe that it is something beautiful. Some days you'll love it, some days you'll hate it. Some days you'll just want to crumple it up and be done. But you don't, because when you finish the painting, it will all be worthwhile. Sometimes, you might mess up the picture. It could be a big spill or a little drop. You might be able to hide it, or you might just have to adapt the final picture to include that blemish. Maybe you'll regret having to change it, but it will be fine in the end. People are going to look at your picture and say it looks bad. They won't all understand it. But some will. They will appreciate it for all its color and beauty and potential. The thing is, even if someone else loves your picture, you can't let them finish it. Because it is yours. They can admire it, they can even help you paint it, but in the end, it is your picture. Yours to design, yours to create, yours to ruin, yours to repair. And no matter what, if you work hard, by the time you are done, you will have the most amazing, beautiful, one of a kind picture.

Because you are the artist. 

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