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CrushChallenge Your Crush’s eyes - Brown Your Crush’s hair

Your Crush’s eyes - Brown
Your Crush’s hair - Brown
Your Crush’s birthday - March 1st
When you first realised you had a crush - 2 summers ago 2010
What animal you think your crush would be - polar bear
Their taste in music - Rap/: & a little country(:
How long you’ve liked your crush - 3years now
Your relationship with your crush - Awkward.!!!!!! Very 3rd cousins.
How you met your crush - ^explains alot^
Last time you saw your crush - August at the derby (:
Your crush’s personality - Sweet, funny , crazy, country ❤
A song that reminds you of your crush - hero, only you can love me this way, like there's no tomorrow❤
Your crush’s hugs - amazinggg
Your crush’s sports - Racing❤
Instruments your crush plays - None
An anagram of their name
How did you meet? - Really , you already asked this .
Pets? Cat person or a dog person? - Dog person
Their middle name - Edward
Something they do that drives you crazy - Picking on me .
A character that reminds you of your crush -Spongebob
The perfect date with your crush - Walking on the beach , then Laying down watching a scary movie and cuddling .
An extra snippet about your crush -?
A dream about your crush - alot
You + your crush’s history -amazing
How your crush makes you feel - loved , beautiful , and can always put me in a better mood .
Your crush’s biggest flaw - His Long hair
Last thing you said to your crush - good night I love you .
What you love most about them - That we have had alot of great memories together , and he always knows how to put a smile on my face when I'm upset. & we have bad alot of HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS❤
Your crush’s name- Johny❤✌

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