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Never Be the Same Chapter 20: Sam's POV "Finally you

Never Be the Same
Chapter 20: Sam's POV

"Finally you made it!" Kyle shouted across the diner as he waved me over.
I rolled my eyes as I made my way over to my two best friends.
I was never really that close with them, up until recently, actually.
"Who cares? It his birthday, he can be late if he wants." Sean said, shoving Kyle's arm.
Kyle shrugged as the three of us sat down.
"So how's it feel to be 20, a sophmore in college, and have a baby?" Kyle asked me, raising an eyebrow.
Sean and I laughed, as he waited for an answer.
"The same as it feels to be 19, a sophmore in college, and have a baby." I shrugged.
Kyle nodded, as the waitress came over with a pad and paper in hand.
She took Kyle and Sean's drink and lunch orders, before getting over to me.
"What can I get you?" The waitress asked as she looked up from her notepad to me.
I leaned back in my seat, glancing at the menu one last time.
"Uh, I'll just have the BLT with fries and a coke." I said, handing over the menu as she finished writing.
"Okay, your food should be out in a bit," she said to the three of us, and we nodded.
As she disappeared, Kyle spoke up, "Did you hear Dana's home?" he grinned over to Sean.
Sean rolled his eyes, before nodding like it was obvious that he did.
"She called me last night and said she was coming home, actually." he replied, matter of factly.
Kyle and I exchanged glances, no matter how much each of them denied it, there was definitely something going on between Sean and Dana.
This has been going one for weeks, also, so it wasn't something we hadn't noticed.
"Dude, just ask her out already!" Kyle said, shaking one of Sean's shoulders as I laughed.
Sean shot him a death glare, his eyes narrowed at him.
"No way, it's not like it'll work out." he replied, his face looking hurt.
Kyle laughed, and looked over to me, "He says that like they haven't hooked up before." 
We both looked over to Sean as he fought back.
"What does that have to do with anything?" he asked, his eyes locked on Kyle.
"It means she actually likes you too, idiot!" Kyle finally said back.
I listened to the two of them argue, saying the same things over and over again, as I felt my cellphone buzz in my pocket.
Confused, I picked it up as I saw Kendra's name flash across the screen.
"What's up?" I asked into the phone, and the boys finally went quiet.
"Sam? Where are you?" Kendra said, her voice sounding slightly frantic.
I raised an eyebrow, sitting up straighter in my seat. Was there something going on?
"I told you, I was going out to eat." I replied, still puzzled.
The other line was quiet for a moment, before Kendra's voice came in again.
"Well, about how long will it take?" she asked, quickly.
My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, there was nothing we even had going on today.
I mean, it wasn't even like she acknowledged it was my birthday, so I doubt she even remembered.
"We just ordered, so maybe a half hour," I replied in a questioning tone, "Why what's up?"
"Nothing, it's nothing. I'll call you later." she said, before hanging up.
I glanced over to my phone as I heard the phone line go dead, before stuffing it back in my pocket.
"What was that about?" Sean asked, raising an eyebrow.
I shrugged, not exactly sure myself on what was going on.
"I have no idea," I replied with a shrug.
Sean and Kyle looked at each other for a minute, exchanging glances, before shrugging as our food finally came.

Ugh, I'm so sorry this story's sucking right now:(

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