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My Monday Mornings.... Mom: Get up! Me: Too much light in this

My Monday Mornings....

Mom:  Get up! 
Me: Too much light in this window! DON'T WAKE ME UP!
Mom: Get.Up.Now.
Me: Fine....*10 minutes later- actually gets up*
Me: Now i'm late...
Me: *Sprints to Shower* 
Me: Okay now..clothes..
Me: I'll just wear jeans and this shirt.... 
Me: *Stares at jeans*
Me: Eff this...sweatpants it is....
Me: *Looks at mirror*
Me: *Frowns at mirror*
Me: "Today i don't feel like doin anything....I just wanna lay in my bed.."
Me: *Frowns at mirror again, sighs*
Me: Runs to bus stop, barely catching the bus*


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