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That Boy .. ♥ What color is his hair: - dark brown -What

That Boy .. ♥

What color is his hair:
- dark brown

-What style is it:
- short
What color eyes:
- brown 

Cute smile: 
-yes :) 
- nope perfect teeth
- nope
- yep 
- 5"5
What grade is he in: 
- 8
How did you meet him:
- spanish class
How long have you known him: 
- since 3 years ago 

Does he play any sports: 
- yes football and bowling
Can he play the guitar: 
- nope
What about any other music instrument: 
Do you guys ever text: 
- only call and hang out
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: 
- shorts tee shirt under armour sweatshirt
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: 
- suit and tie 
Where you're able to see his tattoo and abs:
- no 
Least favorite thing:
- sometimes his friends 
Do your friends know that you like him:
- yup all of them
Do you think your parents would like him if you were dating him:
- my parnets love him 
Have you met his parents:
- yes
What would you do if he saw your witty:
- idk 

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