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Please, talk to me. I need help. Im thinking of ending it. Again.

Please, talk to me.
I need help.
Im thinking of ending it. Again.
My dreadful, secret life.
Its not the first time this week, or month.
Im lonely, and have nobody to talk about this to.
And i've attempted lately.
Every night try and think of better ways to get out of here.
Im afraid- afraid to show people the real me
And to think that the people i could trust would keep it a secret?
I'd rather die than tell them.
I want to end the suffering.
Let it out.
I just cut deeper and deeper.
On my wrists and hips.
My sides and my ankles.
I thik im done.
I'm convinced its a good idea.

Please- help me. I need you. 


Fake_a_smile 9 years ago
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I'm here for you, but please, don't do it... it gets better, just like the people are saying below me. I promise, it does.
Suicide is NEVER the answer. You're here for a reason.
I'm here for you when you need to talk<3
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LauzHeys 9 years ago
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Look, I've been there. I know it hurts so much, but trust me. It gets better, I wish you could see it. I nearly killed myself and I went through self harming and everything but now I'm feeling happier, yes it's not perfect but you have something to live for. you have a purpose on this world and you are meant to shine, so please don't give up.
I'll always be here for you <3
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biebersgirl14 9 years ago
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Please don't kill yourself<\3 it gets better I promise, it's hard to think that now but it will happen eventually.. it'll get better. Ending your life won't help. You will only pass your pain onto other people, people love you..
please don't kill yourself<3 you have a reason to be here.. and you can talk to me at any time.. and i'll be here for you<3 I won't judge or hate on you.. i'll only be there for you<3
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FranFewster98 9 years ago
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I'm here for you sweetheart <3 You can tell me ANYTHING - I don't judge or laugh at people xoxoxo
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OWLSandSPONGEBOBequalLIFE 9 years ago
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You can come talk to me,sweetie.
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