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Never Be the Same Chapter 23: Kendra's POV The three of us

Never Be the Same
Chapter 23: Kendra's POV

The three of us walked out of the mall, chattering happily as we walked to Dana's car.
It was always good to catch up with my friends, after being away for a while.
I wasn't rooming with Dana anymore, especially now that she had moved into an apartment near campus on her own, and my hours at the coffeeshop were much shorter.
Instead of working a total of about 20 hours a week, I had around 8 since I was now juggling being a full time student and parent at the same time.
I really did miss my old life, where I was stressing out about the amount of books I had to read, not the amount of bills I had to pay.
"You're going back home too, right Kenny?" Dana asked as she pulled out of the parking lot.
I nodded, hugging my jacket closer as I waited for the car to heat up.
Even though we lived in California, there were a few days where it was chilly enough to be wearing a coat and jeans, despite what people may say.
Less than 10 minutes later, Dana was pulling into the driveway of my house.
I reached over to the driver's seat to give my best friend a squeeze, then turned around to give Jamie one as well.
"Thanks D, I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!" I shouted over my shoulder as I watched Jamie hop into the passenger's seat and give me a wave
Dana did the same, before turning her attention to her driving and pulling out to leave.
I reached into my sidebag to pull out my house key, and walked inside.
"Sam?" I called out into the spacious house.
"In here." I heard him call back, from what sounded like the kitchen.
I walked inside, seeing him seated in one of the barstools at the island counter.
He was hunched over, and had his head leaning on his hand as he tried hushing the crying baby.
"I just fed you," he grunted, lifting Alana over his shoulder and rubbing her back soothingly.
I stood for a moment as he turned his attention to the bunch of papers in front of him, then the calculater beside him.
"Kendra, we're screwed." he sighed as I took the child out of his arms.
I rested Alana at my hip, and looked at the dozens of bills he had sprawled out.
"What do you mean?" I asked, bouncing Alana softly to calm her down.
"What do I mean?" he said, sounding agrivated.
He stood up, and fixed himself a glass of water to cool off.
I took that moment to take the now asleep Alana upstairs into her room.
As I got back down, Sam looked angrier as ever.
I pulled a seat beside him, and followed his gaze at the papers filled with dollar signs and zeros.
"Kendra, we are so behind on our mortage, and at this rate, I'm going to be in debt from college money until Alana has grandchildren." Sam stated, frustration trickling into his words.
I wrapped my arm around him and rubbed his back trying to calm him down.
"Don't worry, we'll be fine." I said, in hopes to reassure him the slightest bit.
Sam's blue eyes snapped to me and stared deep into my green ones.
"We'll get through this? Kendra, did you even hear me? We could be put into foreclosure!" he shouted, low enough not to wake up Alana upstairs.
"Well, what do you want me to say? Oh, it's okay, we'll starve to save money?" I mumbled back.
Sam's sucked in a deep breath, and pounded his fist down on the counter as he stood.
"Maybe if you asked for a few extra hours, we'd get a little extra money." he shot back.
I narrowed my eyes at him, standing up as well.
"Are you kidding me? I'm here everyday watching our daughter, while you're God knows where!" I spat.
Sam looked at me as if he was about to rip his hair out, and truthfully, it made me utterly terrified.
What if Sam got mad enough, and he hit me?
"I'm going to school and working three f&%@ing jobs, Kendra!" He yelled out, holding up three fingers.
I bit my lip, staying quiet for a moment to make sure he didn't wake Alana up.
"So if we're both working, what will happen to our infant daughter?!" I yelled back, not even caring at this point, to be honest.
Sam paced back and forth, if he was any madder, smoke would come out of his ears.
I'd never seen him this angry, especially over something like this.
I looked over to the Christmas tree we had set up in the corner of the living room, trying to find the littlest bit of peace for a slight second.
"I can't do this Kendra, I hate fighting with you." he said, his voice slowly going back to normal volume.
My face softened, and I almost fell back into his arms.
That is, until Sam turned and began walking towards the steps.
"Where are you going?" I asked, sharply to him.
He spun around as he reached the top step, his eyes filled with mixed emotions.
"I'm getting my things together, I'm going by Sean and Kyle for the night." he softly said.
My face dropped in shock, and I rushed up the steps and into our room.
"What? Why?" I threw each question out as he pulled the suitcase out from our closet.
"I just said it, Ken, I can't do this anymore." he said, not looking me at all.
I felt my eyes well up with tears, and I dropped onto our bed as I watched him pack.
I thought about stopping him multiple times, but I didn't know how to.
I sobbed even harder as he zipped up the suitcase, and tossed it onto the floor.
"Kendra, Kendra," Sam said, walking to me.
I stood up, and threw my body into his open arms, hysterical crying in his chest.
"Babe," he whispered, "I love you, so much. But like I said, I hate fighting with you, more than anything."
I nodded, furiously wiping at my tear-stained cheeks.
"I think we need a few weeks apart, maybe longer, just to clear our minds from this stress." he rubbed the back of my hair as I still cried.
As I settled down, the words finally processed, only a few weeks, hopefully. 
Maybe he was right, most of the time, he actually was.
"I love you, and Alana, more than any other thing on this entire planet." he mumbled, before planting a single kiss on my lips, and leaving me alone for the night.

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