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Never Be the Same Chapter 26: Kendra's POV "What flavor

Never Be the Same
Chapter 26: Kendra's POV

"What flavor cake?" I asked Jamie, holding up a box of Devil's Food mix and Yellow cake mix.
She tapped her chin, pointing at the Devil's Food mix.
"Use vanilla icing for it, also." she added with a grin.
I nodded, opening up the fridge for the ingredients I needed, then kicking the door shut, nearly knocking into Jamie as she finished blowing up birthday balloons.
"Are you sure you don't want me to tell the guys to come and help now?" Jamie asked, and I shook my head.
"If they come now, then so will Sam. And truthfully, I don't even want him coming." I stubbornly said.
Jamie rolled her eyes at me, sighing.
"Kendra, it's yours and his daughter's birthday today, just leave it for a day." she suggested, hopeful.
I shrugged, contemplating it as I poured the cake mix into the bowl.
"You've been ignoring him for over three months, it's unfair to him and Alana." Jamie continued.
Dana, who was walking in the same time that Jamie spoke, nodded.
"If you're talking about Sam, I agree. You gave me another chance, he deserves one too." she agreed.
I sighed, slouching into one of the barstools, "But you're my best friend, it's different."
"So?" Dana replied, quickly, "He loves you, and you love him." she shrugged.
Jamie and Dana both swiped a bit of cake batter from the bowl.
"You two are suppose to end up happily ever after." Jamie daydreamed as the doorbell rang.
I rolled my eyes to them as I lifted Alana off the floor as she struggled to stand.
I jogged over to the front door, expecting my aunt to be here early like she had planned to.
"Sam?" I asked, confused on why he was here three hours early.
He grinned widely as Alana squealed and held her arms out to him.
"Happy birthday, Princess!" he smiled as he kissed her forehead.
I bit my lip, and moved to the side, deciding it'd be much easier just allowing him inside.
As Sam trailed behind me into the kitchen, Jamie and Dana each gave me weird looks.
I widened my eyes, slightly shrugging my shoulders.
"Kendra," I heard him say, and I spun around quickly.
He placed Alana into the highchair that was positioned at the kitchen table.
"Can we talk, please?" he practically pleaded.
I felt all eyes on me as I ignored him momentarily to fill up cake pans with the batter.
I took my time making sure everything was perfectly even before placing them into the oven and turning a timer on.
I leaned against the counter, crossing my arms over my chest.
"Talk." I demanded him.
Sam sighed with the slightest bit of frustration as he scratched his head.
"I meant alone, maybe outside?" he suggested.
I stayed still as he opened up the glass sliding door in the kitchen that led to the backyard, before reluctantly following.
What exactly was the worst that could happen?

"Look, Kendra, I'm sorry for what happened, okay?" he began, and I sighed, hearing it before.
"I don't know what came over me. I just, I loved you, I mean, I still do, but I was still unsure you felt the same way, even though I knew you did." he continued, as I stood there emotionless.
There was no way I'd take Sam back after he pulled that stunt.
"That still doesn't make it okay," I stated, before closing my mouth once again.
Sam sighed, leaning against the outdoor table.
"I know, it doesn't. It really just sucks because I'd do anything to take back that. I miss Alana obviously, but I miss you especially." he replied, standing up straighter.
I crossed my arms, and looked to my right at my neighbors yard, where they looked like they were setting up for some big party.
I looked up at the storm cloud, extremely happy I decided to keep it inside, and the amount of people to a minimum.
"I really don't understand what exactly that's suppose to make me do, Sam." I snapped, annoyed.
It didn't matter that he was apologizing, he completely deserved to do that. 
But there was still no way I'd just take him back in a snap. He had to earn another chance, no matter how much I cared about him.
"Well, you could at least let me know how I could make this up to you. I'll admit it, yes, your best friend kissed me, and I didn't stop it. But I know that was wrong." he said calmly back.
"Then why did you do it?!" I shouted back, as I heard a single crack of thunder.
"I don't know, Kendra." he said back, hanging his head down low as a single drop of rain fell on his head.
I shifted my weight to the side, rolling my eyes in annoyance.
"I feel terrible, Ken." he said, his blue eyes looking up into my eyes.
For a moment, the sad, depressed look in his eyes made me feel the same way, but I soon got over that.
"That still doesn't fix what you did. You think I'll just forgive you like that, because you're apologizing." I growled back to him, just as the rain began to pour.
Sam and I both looked up, before turning our attention back at each other.
I thought about storming inside, then locking him out, but that would have just been wrong.
"No, I think you'd forgive me because you love me, and you know I never want to hurt y-" I cut him off before he could finish.
"But that's exactly what you did! You hurt me. You kissed my best friend, and that hurt me. If you know I love you, then why did you do that?" I asked, impatient.
"Because I'm such an idiot." he sighed, shaking his head, disappointed in himself.
"You really are, Sam! I just don't understand how-" and then it was Sam's turn to shut me up, by kissing me in the pouring rain.

Teehee, the end was to cheesy sounding c: comment what you think!

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