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Never Be the Same Chapter 27: Kendra's POV "Sam! Hurry

Never Be the Same
Chapter 27: Kendra's POV

"Sam! Hurry up!" I called out, tapping my foot impatiently.
"2 more minutes and I promise I'll be down!" he shouted back to me from upstairs.
I rolled my eyes, looking over to Alana sitting at the table.
She smiled a fulled toothed grin to me before pushing her shoulder length brown curls out of her face.
"Mamma, can I have Cheerios?" she asked, swinging her legs back and forth.
I nodded to the five year old, and filled a bowl up of dry Cheerios her dress wouldn't be ruined.
Just as she started eating, Sam stepped into the room dressed in a formal, navy blue suit.
Dressed nearly exactly like him was Caleb, walking in a few feet behind Sam.
"He could find the shoes like mine." he shrugged as he bent down to fix the two year old's hair.
"Doesn't matter, we have to leave of Jamie may kill us for being late." I said, walking towards the door.
"Come on, A," I said to Alana as I held out my hand.
She took one last Cheerio and popped it in her mouth, before running in her flower girl dress over to me
Caleb was trailing just behind her, hoping to meet me at the door.
I smiled as I picked him up, and buckled him into the brand new carseat he got just last week.
Sam finished helping Alana buckle in at the same time, and we both fell into the front seats.
"Do you know where this place is?" I asked, and he nodded proudly.
"Checked before I left just in case." he grinned as he pulled out of the house.
I watched for a moment, before turning my attention to my lap at the ring on my finger.
In the past four and a half years, everything went, perfect.
Sam was able to graduate college one year early, which made it so much easier for me to finish the next.
Right after we were both graduated, we both agreed it'd probably be the best time for the two of us to start planning our wedding.
Nearly a year later, that's exactly what occurred.
Next came Caleb, who had just turned two on December 24th, Christmas Eve.
Everything was going great with my life now.
To think, without Sam, things would be totally didn't.
But now that I'm with him, things will never be the same, in a good way.

Yeah, I know, so short and stupid and dumb. But I just wanted to end it to start a new story:( It should be posted tonight!

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