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10 THINGS I'M THANKFULL FOR . . . 1. The love and support


1. The love and support I have with  my friends and
family , I love you guys so much! Thanks you for
everything , I don't know where i'd be without you
! Love You All.
 2. My counrty, i'm thankfull for living in a free country! Jusr knowing what men make women do in other countries, makes me really happy for wher i live, America...
3.What I have in life , a home , a family, a bed , going to sleep each night with a full belly ... ect. , I'm thankful for all of that!
4.Going to school , getting an education , yes I hate going to school , but in the end , I'm thankfull for it, so when i'm older , I'll have a good job!
5. Witty , you all are so nice and sweet ,you can make anyone feel welcomed! You all are so beautiful and perfect!
6. One Direction , they make me feel happy! They are my little idiots and I love them for that!
7. My mum and dad , they are my everthing , they are my hero's! I love them so much! They are always looking out for me and helping me with everythin! I love you guys so much!
8. My sister , she is like my rolemodel! She is so pretty and smart! Without her , i'd be nothing! I love her so much! Although we fight , a lot ,I love her!
9.Mt best friends , Kenzie , Bailee , Hailie , Gabi , Nabrika , Lauren , Blake and Shiloh , these people are everytihng! They always make me laugh and they are so kind and caring! They are the ones I can trust with anything , Thanks guys , love you all!
10. God, he is my savior , I count on him with everytinhg, I know he is always there for me! I can't wait for the one day i get to meet him! But he decides when that will be. He is so amazing. I look up to him. He 100% believe in him. :) I can't explain how much he means to me. 

Thanks... :)  


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