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Summer Love Chapter 3 Next thing I knew, I found myself lost

Chapter 3
Next thing I knew, I found myself lost and confused on the boardwalk, trying to remember my way home
"Ooft, sorry," I mumbled as I bumped into somebody.
I was mentally praying it wasn't that Ethan guy from the beach earlier today.
That's just how most of these silly stories just played out.
Luckily for me, my prayers were answered, and I listened as a petite blonde girl spoke up.
"It's my fault, I wasn't paying attention." she replied, and I caught a glimpse of her.
She was the definition of a California girl: perfectly long blonde hair, eyes bluer than the ocean, skin that's tan year round, and the perfect body.
I suddenly felt a wave of insecurity come over me, knowing I looked nothing like her.
Like I said before, I didn't fit in here.
"I'm Tara, by the way," she continued, holding out a hand for me to shake.
I stared at in montarily, before I finally replied to her.
"I'm Savannah," I said with a smile, shaking her hand.
"I love that name!" she exclaimed, making a few people walking near us stare, but she didn't mind.
I didn't know this girl for more than a few minutes, and I already was insanely jealous.
"Thanks," I replied, shyly, to her.
"Oh my gosh, I love your top," she blurted, referring to my tank top.
I looked down, suddenly forgetting what shirt I was wearing, before looking back to her.
"Thanks, it's probably one of my favorites." I laughed, and so did Tara.
"Hey, me and my old roommates are having a party at my house Friday, kind of like a start of the summer party," she shrugged, "do you want to come?"
I thought for a moment, thinking if I had anything to do with my grandparents then.
"Sure, I'll come." I replied.
Tara smiled, and clapped her hands together.
"Awesome! Now come on, you have to meet the rest of my friends, they'll love you!" she said, nearly yanking my arm out of the socket back towards the beach.
A few moments later, Tara began walking towards a group of people at the volleyball courts.
I quickly scanned around for the jerk guy Ethan, and sighed in relief when I didn't spot him.
I don't know why I didn't want to see him, but I didn't, and that was it.
"Okay, Sav, this is Monica, Christina, and Rachel," she began, pointing at three girls just as perfect as she was, "and these are our guy friends, Cameron, Danny, and Jake." she finished.
All six of them waved at me, as they each individually introduce themselves.
"We all were in the same dorm building all throughout college," Monica said.
"I still can't believe we've already graduated," Christina said next.
Jake raised an eyebrow at me, "What about you?"
"I just graduated this year," I said with a small shrug.
Tara's eyes nearly lit up, like she was amazed with everything I mentioned about myself.
All the others had near the same looks. 
I think I was actually liking it here, so far.
"Which school?" Cameron asked to me.
"NYU, all the way back home," I said with a laugh.
Rachel's eyes widened, before she spoke up, "You came here all the way from New York?!"
I nodded, feeling all eyes on me, "I'm staying for the summer with my grandparents, since I don't really see them much." I shrugged, like it was nothing.
Danny grinned, "Well then, looks like we'll have to make your summer worth the ride." 

I know, it wasn't that long of a chapter, but it's Thanksgiving! So happy Thanksgiving to everybody! Hope you all enjoy your day, and your turkey!
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