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I WaNnA bE ThA qErL wHo mAkEz y0uR bAd dAyS b E t T e R , aNd

I WaNnA bE ThA qErL wHo mAkEz y0uR bAd dAyS b E t T e R ,
aNd ThA oNe tHaT MaKeZ u SaY "mY LiFe hAs cHaNgEd SiNcE i MeT hEr"

uR eYeS hAvE gOt mE tWiNkLiN miNe,
uR kiNdNeSs mAkEs mE sHoW miNe,
uR bRaVeRy hAs mE sHoWiN miNe,
uR dEtErMiNaTiOn hAs mE sHoWiN miNe,
uR jOkEs hAvE gOt mE tElliN miNe,
uR sToRiEs gOt mE tElliN miNe,
nOw iF OnLy *yOu* wErE *miNe*

In your arms is the [ o n e ] place I want to be
The one place that I feel [ s a f e ] from everything going on around me...
The one place I could stay [ f o r e v e r ]

i CaN DrEaM Of uS t0gEtHa
AnD hOw gOoD iT CouLd Be
bUt i'LL kEeP mY LuV a sEcReT
*uNTiLL uR iN LuV wiT Me*

i would wait till forever
Just so we could be together.
If only you weren?t so blind to see,
how much u truly mean to me

...OnE LoOk wAs aLL iT tOoK...
...Bc fRoM tHe MoMeNt i SaW u...
*i wAs HoOkEd*

Lately when i look into your eyes..
baby i fly*
Your the only one i need in my life
i dunno how to describe..
how you make me feel inside

IM me @ p3rfectmistake x

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posted December 27, 2004 at 6:50am UTC tagged with love

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