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OnE WiSh ThAtS aLL i AsK BuT WiLL iT CoMe TrUe I DoUbT iT

OnE WiSh
ThAtS aLL i AsK
BuT WiLL iT CoMe TrUe
I DoUbT iT
EsPeCiaLLy iF ItZ aBoUt YoU

SwEeT sEnSaTiOnS dOwN mY sPiNe
-thinkin about .y.o.u. all the time-
UnBeLiEvEaBLe BuT tRuE...
i'M .c.r.a.z.y. about *yOu*

.:*CaNT FiNd dA wOrDz 2 SaY
2 teLL u ThaT i FeeL DiS WaY
iF u LoOK aT mE y0u'LL UndAsTaNd
aLL i wAnT iS Ta HoLD uR HaNd
WaNtiN u iS aLL i DrEaM
mY HeArT aCheS n i wANa ScReAm
iF OnLy u nEw mY FeeLiNs 4 u
i WiSh u FeLt dA sAmE WaY 2*:

there are tymez when we won't see each other for a while,
he's got his life and I've got mine,
But all he has to do is smile, and he's got me again...

i WaNnA bE yOuR BaBiDoLL
wRaP mE uP NiCe -n- TiGhT
LoVe mE aLL tHrOuGh tHa NiTe

Ask all my friends they`ll tell ya
- - y0u`re all i talk aBout - -
e v e n w h e n i g o t o s l e e p
- y0u`re the only 1 i *dream* about -

im CrAziE 4 u - YoU d0nT eVeN kNo
i WaNnA b WiT u - MoRe ThEn WoRdZ c0uLd EvA sHoW
So NoW n 4eVeR - rEmEmBeR iTs TrU
dAy N niTe- mY hEaRt iZ wiTh U

when ii lOok iin yOur eyeSz ii knO iitSz tru
mii heart beatSz faSta becauSe Of yOu
wen u talk 2 me ii dOnt knO hOw 2 react
nO 1 elSe can make me feel liike dat

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