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Out of all the things in this world that can be ::broken:: the

Out of all the things in this world that can be ::broken::
the worst thing to break is a heart

*Im holding on to something that used to be there,
hoping it will come back, but knowing it wont.*

Why did u do me that way
All i wanted was for you to stay
All i asked for was your love and care
But as each day goes by, I can feel my heart tear

i'll be smiling when i see you
Tha tearz wont ever show
i know i'll always love you
And yet you'll never know

i'm tryin to move on
[ i still cant believe you're gone ]

I was afraid to love you forever,
but when I did, I lost you forever.

i sMiLe cAuSe eVeRyThiNgS pErFeCt
bUt tHerEs aLwAyS gOtTa bE a pRoBlEm.
wHiCh iS
I cAn'T hAvE hiM.

~Loving him hard to regret, losing him is hard to accept.
But with all the hurt i've felt, letting go is the most painful yet.~

It's killing me to know you without having a chance to hold you again. All I
wanna do is show you how I really feel inside. You can run from me, you
can laugh at me or you can walk right out that door. But I can't be just friends anymore...

ToDaY A tEaR FeLL fRoM mY eYe
ThiNkiN oF eVrYtHiNg wE hAd
wE wErE tHe fAnTaSy Of EvRy *TrUe LoVe*
I MiSs u BeiNg MiNe- i WoNdEr WhY
WhY EvRyThInG cHaNgEd So FaSt fRoM GoOd 2 BaD
bUt EvEn so i LoVe u aNd uR tHe OnE i StiLL dReAm oF

I gave you all i had
now in the end im so sad
I thought it was gunna work out
But you played me without a doubt
I now learned the game
n my life will never be the same

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posted December 27, 2004 at 6:54am UTC tagged with break up

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