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*Heartbreaks will last as long as you want them to, and cut as

*Heartbreaks will last as long as you want them to,
and cut as deep as you will let them to go,
the challenge in heartbreak is not how to survive them,
but how to *learn* from them*

Are my tears in vain?
pLease let me kno
if you cause me so much pain
why can't i let you go..?

SuMTiMeZ YoU NeeD Ta HoLD YoUr HeaD HiGH -N-
bLinK THe TeaRS aWay -N- Say GooDBye

U sAy aLtHouGh We BrOkE Up
U sTiLL wAnNa Be FriEnDs
BuT hOw CaN We StiLL bE fRieNdS
WhEn SeEinG u OnLy BrEaKs My HeaRt AgAin

and so now you know the way it feels to cry,
the way that I cried when you broke my world in two,
I learned the way to break a heart,
I learned from the best. I learned from you

Another night follows the day
Like a child does to it's mother
And everywhere I look I see your face
On the face of others
And I can't escape the pain

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