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SAD QUOTES! *All I ever hear…be a good girl; just behave; sit


*All I ever hear…be a good girl; just behave;
sit up straight; stand up tall; never falter; never fall;
stay in school; make the grade; never fail; never fade;
be a hero; be a star; be *everything* but what you a r e

~At least be there to wipe away my tears if you're going to make me cry~

Do u know what it's like to be me?
Go through sumthing not everyone can see?
Do you know what its like to walk in my shoes?
Please stop judging me simply cuz I'm not you...

I don`t know how it feels..
You think your the only person on Earth
who wakes up every morning
wishing they were someone else?
Reality check.. your not :*(

...Underneath the makeup and hair...
...Theres a lil sign sayin...
......Handle With Care.......

*~*Im holding on to something that used to be there,
hoping it will come back, but knowing it wont*~*

-Whoever gossips to you...will gossip about you-

i *play* it off like i got nothing to lie about
nothing to *sigh* about
but in my heart
i know i've got something to *cry* about

Now im in over my head
with something i said
Completely misread
i'm better off *dead*

Nothing Ever Went Rite
I Was So Fed Up With This Shyt
So Tired Of This Life

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posted December 27, 2004 at 6:56am UTC tagged with break up

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