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You and Me Prologue "Why hasn'the text me back yet?"

You and Me

"Why hasn'the text me back yet?" I ask Lilly, "He is probaly busy" she shrugs and goes back to bulding her volcano. I sigh. I tap my foot and think. Does he still like me? Is he busy? Does he want me to text him now?
Beep Beep. I grab my phone. Wanna hang?  "Oh my god, he wants to hang" I smile at the text. "Dosn't mean he likes you or anything" Lilly replies. "But the text looks like he does" I say.
Skate Park? On my way now. I text him back.
I change into maroon high waisted shorts and a singlet.
I grab my bag.
"Lilly wanna come?" I ask her.
"Nahh, I will let you figure him out for yourself" She rolls her eyes.
I shrug and walk out the door. I am walking to the skate park. 
No one there good.

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Sorry, if it is not good.My First story. Comment if you want to be notifyed.

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