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Summer Love Chapter 5 "Look, I think we got off on the wrong

Chapter 5
"Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot the other day." Ethan said as our grandmothers walked in front of us on the boardwalk.
I wasn't entirely sure on why my grandmother and her best friend had their grandchildren tag along on their fun-filled day, but it hadn't been too bad as of now.
"How so?" I asked, short and to the point.
Ethan looked taken aback at the cold tone I had, and I actually felt bad for a slight second.
He didn't actually do anything wrong.
"Well, I can tell you for sure that you aren't too fond of me," he shrugged, scratching his neck.
I didn't answer, and we walked in silence for a few hundred yards.
"Look, if I came off as a total jerk, I'm sorry, honestly." he sincerely continued.
I bit the inside of my cheek, suddenly feeling bad for judging him so quickly.
He did have the courage to swallow his pride and apologize, without me pointing some he did wrong out
I felt a smiled twitch at my lips as I spoke.
"I'm sorry for giving such an attitude, also." I finally said, and Ethan looked over to me.
He smiled himself, and I noticed that his teeth were even whiter than the foam the waves made when they hit the shoreline.
I felt self conscious about my smile suddenly, but returned it to him.
"You have a really nice smile." he whispered lowly as he moved closer to me, his forearm brushing my shoulder.
I felt the area his skin touch mine get hot, strangely.
One minute I went from thinking he was a total jerk, to noticing how perfectly sculpted his jawline was.
It's strange how the mind of a teenager would work, even though I was now 21.
After a few minutes of silence as we still walked behind our grandmothers, Ethan spoke up.
"Do you wanna go over to the beach for a bit, just so we could do something instead of walk?" he blurted, his eyes floating over to the crowded beach.
I raised an eyebrow, looking ahead at where our grandmothers were, about 500 yards in front.
"And do what, exactly?" I asked, confused.
What difference would it be to walk on the beach or the boardwalk? Other than that we weren't just following our grandmothers around.
He shrugged, "Play volleyball, go in the ocean. It's up to you."
I felt a smirk tug at my lips.
"Not to brag, but I was the starting outside hitter all four college years." I nudged Ethan with my elbow.
"Well, looks like we should find a pair of opponents and see how true that is." he chuckled.
I rolled my eyes as we started our way towards the beach, checking our grandmothers for one last moment before leaving them.
"Alex, Greg, let's go." Ethan said, walking up to a few boys throwing a football on the shore.
I followed Ethan around like a lost puppy as we made our way over to the volleyball court.
"And who might this beautiful girl be?" A tall, tanned blonde said to me, a smug grin upon his face.
I raise an eyebrow, glancing over to Ethan as I cross my shoulders or my chest.
"Savannah, and she's mine." he replied, taking a step in front of me.
Mine? Where did that come from? I wasn't a piece of his property!
The blonde guy raised his hands up in defense and took a few steps back.
"Whoa, man, I didn't know you had that much game!" The other guy with light brown hair said, slapping Ethan on the shoulder.
I really don't know why I even agreed to come here, I have no idea what I was doing or who I am with!
I don't really even know Ethan!
Perhaps it was because I hadn't really hund out with anybody my age since the other day when I met Tara and all of her friends.
"Chill out, she's my partner. Come on, let's go." Ethan said, walking onto the now empty volleyball court.
I watched confused as the three boys set themselves up, and was too distracted to notice Ethan tossing me the volleyball.
"Let's see what you've got." he smirked, dumping the white ball in my hand.
I rolled my eyes at him, as I walked to the very back of the court, serving it with ease over the net.
The volley went on back and forth, spike after spike, for what felt like ten minutes.
"I got it!" I called out Ethan, going for the falling ball.
Quickly, before I could even react, Ethan dove right where I intended to go, and we both fell over each other, neither of us keeping the ball up.
"Ow," I mumbled, rubbing my head while sitting up on Ethan's laying body.
"You were right, you are pretty good." he chuckled from under me.
"Thanks," I replied, standing up, and helping Ethan himself get up.

I'm so sorry this story is sucking so far! And I haven't been posting. I've been super busy laterly:(

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