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Thank you, brother. Me: *getting back of popcorn out because

Thank you, brother. 

Me: *getting back of popcorn out because I haven't felt insecure about my body lately*
Him: Didn't you already have a bag of popcorn today?
Me: Yeah, why?
Him: Two bags is excessive. 
Me: You're not in charge of me.
Him: Okay, eat if you want to get large ... er.

Guess who's most likely not going to eat tomorrow?




brittrox1234 7 years ago
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i know how you feel, my brother calls me fat everyday. even ad a discussion that if i eat more cookies that i will get fatter. Now i stop eating junk food and try to lose weight.
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Twisted~* 7 years ago
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that breaks my heart. even tho he is your brother, you dont have to listen to him. stay positive. xx
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