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I hate it when someone says you're too young to be in love.

I hate it when someone says you're too young to be in love.
You don't know anything. It is a psycological thing, falilng in love. We
can't control it, nor predict it. Anyone at any age could have been in
love before. In fact, a lot of us have. Scientific studies show anyone
can fall in love, no matter how old you are. It doesn't matter if it's just
a crush
or if you're head over heels for someone, love is love. It is

indescribable, perfect,and beautiful. So stop judging, and let people
be. Let it happen. It's just not fair to say that you "aren't in love; you've
only been dating for a couple days." You don't know how other people
feel. For all you know, they will grow old together, and love every part
of each other until the day they die. Or maybe they won't, maybe it just
won't last. But let love take its course, and stop judging on age, for gods
sake. Because in the end, everything will turn out how it's meant to be.

So go ahead. Judge me. Love is infinite, and anyone can experience it.

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