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The Letter. THE CHANGE. The Lie. Prologue: *Katia's POV"

The Letter. THE CHANGE. The Lie.
*Katia's POV"
I checked the time on my iPod, it was 4 in the morning. I had yet to fall asleep the entire plane ride, only an hour left though. I rolled over as well I could in a plane seat and closed my eyes. I couldn't help but sneak a peek and see where Louis was. Still sitting his seat back turned to me, most likely sleeping. 
What was I going to do about him? I closed my eyes and drifted off into thought. I thought I could trust him, I thought we were close and now I can barely be around him. I rolled over again so I wouldn't be tempted to look at him.
If he hadn't told Ashlyn about Zach or the cutting things would be different now, I'd feel better about spending the summer with him, I might even be sleeping right now. But he would still be dating Ashlyn part of me argued. He would be dating Ashlyn and he wouldn't like you.
But does he like me? How can he, really? I know he says he has liked me from the beginning, he only thought he like Ashlyn because everything he like about her reminded him of me but... Does it work that way? Can it work that way? Can you be with someone for over half a year and not like them but still think you do?
No, I decided. So he doesn't like me,  not really. He might think he does, he might even believe he does but I know the truth. I sighed, this summer was going to be long. 
But not long enough, I reminded myself. I am going to have to talk to Louis at the end of the summer about everything I was just thinking. I was going to have to tell him I didn't like him. 
Unless he managed to change my mind.
Irresistible? More like Irritating 
        Tears ran down my cheek as I laid curled up in a ball on my bed. I let out another sob  and my body shuddered. I was still in my outfit from earlier. It wasn't comfortable but at that point nothing would of been. The window curtain was drawn and I laid there in darkness. I used the soft fluffy comforter to silent my cries as I laid there. I mentally beat myself up. I knew this was going to happen, I knew I was going to get hurt. So why didn't I stop myself? My mind raced to back to beginning of off all this. The night this all started.  As corny as it sounded, it was the night my life changed. And to think it all started because I owned a horrible car.
Hey guys! So which do you like better? I'm excited for both, but I kinda want to continue TLTCTL right now, i don't know. I don't know if I should take a break from Louis and Katia or if I should continue so I decided to leave it up to you guys! So comment which story you would prefer


CrazyChrista 1 decade ago
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TLTCTL... i think you knew that xDD
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miserymary 1 decade ago
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DerpyPuppy 1 decade ago
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I prefer TLTCTL :3 Especially because its a Louis Tomlinson Love Story
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