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All She Wanted Prolouge Romantic movies always have a perfect

All She Wanted




Romantic movies always have a perfect ending and because of that every girl dreams of a perfect ending. Well all except Ashleigh Moore. She was quiet, but was amazing at art and not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Her long midnight black hair and large forest green eyes make her stand out in any crowd. She was always the most popular girl in school, but she was so kind to everyone. Ever since she was little she never fell for the fakeness of movies. Of course she wanted someone to love her and give her a fairy tale ending but she never excepcted that to actually happen. 
Then you have Talen Smith. The sexy, laid back, star quarter back who had everything. His shaggy light brown hair falls slighlt over his tan forehead and deep blue/grey eyes. He always dreamed of finding the perfect girl that he could spoil and make his princess. He knew no matter what there was a fairl tale ending coming. All he needed was the perfect girl.
When Ashleighs word comes crumbling down and she is shipped across the world to America she immediatly falls for Talen, but her shyness keeps her from talking to him.
Little does she know he fell for her too, and hard


Hi, my name is Brigid (Brigid) and i am going to be cowriting this story with Sarah (babydolphin09). Please go follow us and also give feed back and fav this(: it would mean a lot. Thank you<3 We do notifications! comment if you want one and either I or Sarah will give you one!


lemon.cake* 7 years ago
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NICE!!! you should but this into a book when you guys are done!!!!

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allshewanted 7 years ago
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check out chapter 1!
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pandabear13 7 years ago
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