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trouble Chapter 38 I've called Scarlet's cell phone at


Chapter 38

I've called Scarlet's cell phone at least twenty times by now and she has yet to answer.
Everytime I called, the reciever went straight to voicemail.
It has been hours after Lola broke the news by confirming Scarlet's pregnancy, and I was getting frustrated and impatient.
Scarlet and I were far from best friends right now, but I needed to know is she was okay and who the hell was the father of her baby.
"Crap, why isn't she answering?" I hissed, tossing my phone down on Travis' bed forcefully.
Travis, who was sulking lazily in his couch, wrapped his arms around my waist.
He pulled me towards him, as I laid over his body.
"Stop worrying." Travis kissed my hair. "Scarlet's a big girl. She can take care of herself."
I groaned, burying my face in his neck, breathing in his scent.
"I hope so." I sighed. "I just want to know who the father is."
I suddenly thought back to how Travis and Scarlet once slept with each other.
Then, I reminded myself that the last time they hooked up was two years ago, and there was no possible way that Travis could've been the baby's father.
I felt defeated, wondering why I was even doubting Travis.
I loved and trusted him, and I shouldn't have even second guessed him.
"Riley?" Travis' warm breath tickled my bare neck. "What are you thinking about?"
I don't know what overcame me when I asked Travis this very next question.
Maybe I've been thinking to much about this topic, or maybe I'm just merely curious.
My fists tightened, as I rolled over, staring Travis right in the eye.
"Was she good, Travis?" I whispered, hardly recognizing my jealous tone.
Travis suddenly tensed up, as he sat up, so that I was no longer on his lap.
He stared at me with wide eyes full of disbelief. "What?"
"Was Scarlet good?" I repeated. "In bed?"
Travis blinked, before scoffing. "Riley, are you really asking me this?"
I frowned, before nodding obnoxiously. "Yes!" I snapped. "Answer my question."
I knew it was a mistake asking Travis about this question in the first place, but I just couldn't contain myself.
It was as if I blurted it out suddenly out of curiousity.
"No." Travis strenly said, looking angry all the sudden. "I'm not answering your question, because quite frankly, it's a very stupid one."
I glared at him, crossing my arms. "Why won't you just admit that you liked your time in bed with Scarlet?"
Travis tightened his jaw, before standing up. "You're too worked up right now, Riley." he muttered, shaking his head. "I think you should go home."
I knew I was going to regret the second I stepped out of his house.
I knew I was going to regret not apologizing to Travis.
And when I left his house, after taking the very first step, I did.
I felt complete regret.



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