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Living Life Until... Chapter 6 A one direction fan fiction Rose's

Living Life Until...
Chapter 6
A one direction fan fiction

Rose's P.O.V

The night that was suppose to be perfect got ruined by fans and the paparazzi. I was upset but I couldn't be a brat about it. Out of nowhere Louis picked me up and carried me to the car. He took my back to his house. We walked in and I saw Niall, Liam, and Zayn sitting on the couch watching T.V. "Hey, wheres Bri and Harry?" Louis asked. "HERE, behind the counter." said Bri. I walked over and saw Harry and Bri eating ice cream on the floor with big spoons. It was both cute and funny. I turned around to see Lou behind me with  I walked upstairs and changed. When I came down Louis was waiting for me with sour gummy worms. He knew I loved those. I sat in his lap and he whispered in my ear "Let me make this night up to you by going on another date?" I smiled and nodded my head. The rest of the night went by quick. We all watched movies. During the first movie Niall and Liam went upstairs. Zayn fell asleep on the couch. Bri and Harry went upstairs and Louis and I well we went upstairs around 3am.

*Authors Note*

well again chapter was boring and not that great, I promise once it gets more farther it will be getting better. I have twists invovled and some mystery

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