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Living Life Until... Chapter 7 A One direction fan fiction Bri's

Living Life Until...
Chapter 7
A One direction fan fiction

Bri's P.O.V

I woke up the next moring and it was noon. I got out of Harry's grip and walked downstairs. I saw Rose walking in with a suitcase and her stuff. "What's going on here?" Rose looked at me and said "I'm moving in. I mean Lou said I could so I am." I laughed. "You could move in too.. we have enough room." said Niall. I turn around and I walked back up and said "HARRRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" GUESS WHAT!??!!!" Harry looked at me and just gave me a look. "I'm moving in!" Harry got up and gave me a hug and said "Let's go get your stuff then!" I walked downstairs and noticed I was still in my dress. I asked Rose to borrow an outfit. She gave me Harry drove me to my house, and my brother was home. Great. I walked in and went up to my room and started packing. *knock knock*. "Where you going? asked Bryan? I'm moving in with Harry, and Rose." Bryan looked at me and said "Okay... Im not happy but I think I can trust you enough to go." I finshed packing my room and bathroom around 2 o'clock. I put everything inside Harry's car and we drove back. It took about 3 hours to put everything into the room and make it look how I wanted it to be. When everything was done Liam ordered a pizza for all of us. We sat down and started watching Teen Mom.  15 mins into the show Rose ran to the bathroom. I followed behind her. She threw up again. I think I knew what was going on. 


Uh-oh.... what you think? any ideas? tips? I'm opened to all


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