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Living Life Until... Chapter 8 A one direction fan fiction Rose's

Living Life Until...
Chapter 8
A one direction fan fiction

Rose's P.O.V

We finished moving in around 9 o'clock. Liam ordered a pizza for all of us. When the pizza arrvied we grabbed some and sat down. Nothing good was on so we settled with Teen Mom. I felt sick within 10 minutes. I couldn't eat so I set my pizza down. "You okay love?" asked Louis. I didn't reply all I did was run into the bathroom and throw up. Bri came in a held my hair back. I finished throwing up within 15 minutes. Bri got out so I could shower and clean up. I got out of the shower and put on I walked out and Bri was holding up a test. I grabbed it. Five mintutes later I walked out and I told Bri "POSTIVE". She looked at me. "Your only 16, going on 17." I wasn't happy but I mean, we don't go to school anymore and all so I guess it will be okay. I went back out to the living room and sat next to Louis. I told them that I was postive. Louis was happy. Everyone was happy. NOT ME. I couldn't show it though. I went upstairs and crawled into bed. I cried myself to sleep that night - no one knew, well at least I thought no one knew.

Bri's P.O.V

I was excited for Rose, but also worried. We talked about having kids. She didn't want any until marriage, but I guess things happen for a reason.  I walked upstairs and I heard crying. I knew it was Rose. I didn't know what to do so I just let her be. That was probably the best thing for her. I told the guys that she was crying. Louis went upstairs and then came back down. He said she fell asleep. Harry and I kept looking at eachother. He smiled at me and we went upstairs......

*Authors Note*

So.. this chapter was ehh... I couldve been better. lemme know what you guys think. 


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brispiin* 7 years ago
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what do bri and harry do???????????????? ;)
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